Bingham House Cup (Book Comp)


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Viri Alfonso, Copy Editor

Bingham is a school of many traditions, including friendly competitions between students and faculty. Bingham House Cup has been around for a while, and is always something to look forward to during second quarter. Competing against students from other grades and against faculty is fun, if not for the reading, then for the feeling of winning.

The contest began in 2015-16 school year by Mrs. Albrecht, the head librarian, who said she started it as a way to encourage kids to read and reward those who have always loved to read. This year’s Bingham House Cup has a new element: the snitch. This helps reward the individual readers rather than just the grades. Theres a snitch for 13 genres, and when you read a book from that genre, you get a pin. However, there are rules to keep in mind.

The contest rules are simple and easy to follow, and on the back of the Bingham House Cup paper if you ever forget. Read books checked out from the school library, so they can verify you actually read the book. Before turning the book in after having read it, make sure to confirm the number of pages you have read, so they have an official tally as well. Audio books count as well, so make sure to talk to the librarians about that. With every 100 pages you get a mark, and depending on how many marks your year gets, your grade may win the Bingham House Cup!

This is a great contest for those who love to read. It’s also a great contest for those who don’t like reading that much, but like trying new things. The contest will end on January 18th, so get your read on!