A Class Act: Behind the Scenes of Bingham’s Student Body Officers


Photo by Grace Colvin

The beginning of 4th quarter can mean a lot of things here at Bingham. Juniors can breathe a sigh of relief after they finished the ACT. Teachers are busy prepping their last few months of lessons before finals. Some students may already be planning their summer vacation! But does anyone bother to think about what might be happening on our campus after school gets out? Many students may not know that even in the summer our Student Body Officers are already hard at work! 

Since 1908, Bingham High School has prided itself on creating a community within their student body, and what is a community without its leaders? From planning school functions to pepping us up at assemblies, the Student Body Officers are the backbone of our school. Bingham wouldn’t be the same without the smiling faces of our student government cheering us on. As the 2021-22 school year slowly comes to an end, it’s time to elect a new generation of student leaders! Every year, the election takes place near the beginning of fourth quarter, which means it’s time for students to begin thinking about who they want to represent the student body. Any student can run for office, but what does it take to govern a student body as large and exciting as Bingham High School? Here are some things you may not know about Student Government.

1. The SBOs are behind almost everything that goes on at Bingham.

Imagine a Miner assembly without the SBOs pumping up the crowd with high-energy cheers and swag. Try to picture school dances without the tireless efforts of students making sure we have venues, decorations, and music. Even everyday events like our morning announcements couldn’t possibly be the same without our student government enthusiastically keeping us up to date on everything going on at our school. If it goes on at Bingham, chances are our student body officers are behind it. From planning our quarterly dances to coordinating countless assemblies and special events, our SBOs certainly know how to throw a party. “My favorite part is working behind the scenes to get activities and dances planned and watching them come together,” explains Officer of Public Relations Lily Couch. Needless to say, our school’s atmosphere wouldn’t be the same without the tireless efforts of our student body officers making sure our school isn’t just a place to learn, but a place to enjoy each other’s company and thrive as a community.

2. The election process is much more complex than it seems. There’s much more to it than campaign posters and publicity!

Like any government official, our SBOs are introduced to our school by election. That means it is our job as the student body to choose who we want to govern the school. Our student government streamlines our requests and opinions to those in charge, so it’s important to choose a candidate that will represent us as a community. We have a chance to make our voices heard through our elected officials. This responsibility should not be taken lightly. Likewise, potential SBOs go through quite the challenge to get elected. There’s countless hurdles to jump: interviews, parent meetings, primary elections- hours of work goes into every student’s run before one can even see their name on a ballot. Of course, this trial is not for the faint of heart, which in itself makes sure we end up with the best, most responsible leaders we can get.

3. Being an SBO requires time and dedication. 

It turns out, some of the most important jobs of a Student Body Officer are not reflected in a student’s work, but in their character. Couch explains that running a school certainly takes a lot of work. “Being an SBO is a lot of fun but a lot of work,” she shares. Evidently, student government is no easy task. It takes a special kind of person to be able to guide a student body of over 2000 through an entire school year. They’re in charge of a multitude of activities that have become quintessential parts of the high school experience, not to mention timeless Bingham traditions. Being a natural leader is a must.

“[Being an] SBO can be very stressful, ” Couch elaborates, “But I get less stressed when I work ahead and don’t procrastinate, and always asking others for help when I need it!” This special group of students dedicates their entire school year to making things run smoothly for everyone, which certainly takes a toll on their mental and emotional health. Imagine juggling all of your classes plus worrying about every other student who attends Bingham! Not only that, but most of our SBOs also participate in other extracurricular activities. Working constantly towards such a big goal can be mentally taxing to say the least. But what makes them amazing is that they never let anything get in the way of helping us make the most out of our school year.

4. But most SBOs agree that it’s worth it in the end.

“The most rewarding part is helping to serve Bingham and creating a family in student government! We all become so close and they’re always [like my] bestest friends!” Couch confirms proudly.

So whether you’re planning on running for office or cheering on your friends, there’s a multitude of reasons to get excited about the upcoming Bingham High School election. Before you hit submit on that virtual ballot, just remember how much there is behind the scenes of the student who run the school. Go Miners!