Upcoming Class Trips


Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, where the band and orchestra will be attending a performance.

Welcome to the joy of fourth quarter. ACT results are out, students are dreading final exams, and graduation is coming up quickly. However, there are still a few moments of fun left for the band, orchestra, choir, ASL, and fashion classes with their upcoming class trips.

The band and orchestra classes have the opportunity to go to two beautiful cities in Washington state for a five day adventure. While in Seattle and Tacoma, they will have a variety of experiences, including attending performances, concerts, and clinics. Band director Darin Graber noted that one highlight of the trip is something called an “exchange concert.” He said, “It’s where we go to a different high school, and their groups will play for us, and we’ll play for them.” It’s usually one of the band students’ favorite parts of the trip. James Thompson, the orchestra director, said that students are looking forward to a jazz concert in Seattle’s Benaroya Hall. Students will also be attending clinics at the University of Washington and Pacific Lutheran University to receive instruction from some of the best music professors in the state.

Choir students get the chance to experience New York City over Memorial Day weekend and will be back just in time for graduation. Choir director Ryan North commented, “It gives [the students] a chance to explore and to see some of the great performing artists that are outside of the state of Utah.” They’ll be going to several performances, workshops, and clinics, but Mr. North said that his favorite part has nothing to do with that. He said that he’s “been to New York a lot of times, but my favorite thing about the tour is sort of living vicariously through the students and seeing it for the first time through their eyes.”

The ASL class has a different kind of trip coming up. From April 14 to 19, they’ll be going to Washington, D.C. to visit Gallaudet University. Gallaudet is the only deaf university in the world. It is considered the frontrunner of Deaf education, architecture, and art. In an interview, Bingham ASL teacher, Tiff Dodge, stated that their goals include learning about America’s Deaf culture, experiencing what it might be like if deafness was normal and hearing was considered unusual, and increasing understanding of the difference between “deaf” and “Deaf.” If you’re interested in learning the difference, consider taking ASL next year. In a touching conclusion to the interview, she noted, “Our trip is unique in that all of our chaperones are Deaf. This is a full immersion experience… Students are expected to use ASL the entire time (even the 1st year students). It is a very gratifying experience to see our students adapt to a different culture and way of life, and to see their language skills evolve in such a short time. While on this trip, they finally understand…being Deaf is not a handicap, it is just a way of life. I get to witness students gain an appreciation for many little things—especially the blessing to live in this country, and that is the reason I keep planning this trip.”

Finally, the fashion class will be going to New York City at the beginning of May. They will be doing several exciting activities. Most notably, they plan to see a Broadway show and go on a tour of the costume room which is a particularly rare experience. They will also be visiting a high-end bridal store, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a few other fashion-centered locations. Fashion student Sarah Storm says, “I’m hoping to see how fashion works in the real world, like the process behind it all. And I want to see the city. I’ve never been before so I’m super excited!” 

Students in band, choir, ASL, orchestra, and fashion will have once-in-a-lifetime experiences in these other regions and will learn priceless lessons along the way. Teachers and students agree that these trips are a valuable opportunity to learn and to grow as a person.