‘Tis the Season for True Blue 2022

True Blue is an annual school tradition that the Student Government runs that is based on giving back to our community.  Every year during December, the students of Bingham High come together to spread joy and good cheer through helping others. There are many service projects and events that go on to help fundraise and raise awareness for the chosen charity.  Last year, True Blue had a service night along with events such as Panda Express spirit night, Menchies spirit night, a Super SmashBros tournament, and a talent show. However, this year students can look forward to the Mr. True Blue pageant, a winter wonderland dance, a Christmas Carnival, and Squad Jobs! This is where students go door to door asking to do service for donations. All money received at these events will go towards charities that the school has chosen.  The big finale will be the closing assembly which will be held December 21st.  

SBO member, Chris Block, gave his thoughts on True Blue this year.  Chris says, “True Blue is an opportunity for BHS students to give back to the community this year.  Make A Wish and Angel Hands are the two charities that students can give back to.  My favorite part about True Blue is the big ending assembly.”  

Make A Wish and Angel Hands are unique charities because they both improve the quality of life for the individuals.  A fine illustration of this is that when we donate to these charitable organizations they provide the needs and wants for individuals in need.  In addition to donating, we should understand how contribution is implementing the aid organizations.  Make A Wish uses your benefaction and grants wishes for children of illness. This is awesome because children get to do whatever they want.

Now lets learn how Angel Hands helps out families.  Angel Hands provides grants, support, and party for individuals with rare and undiagnosed medical conditions.  Grants are scholarships to attend college.  Support provides medical equipment for individuals who have a hard time getting around for example wheelchairs, stair lifts, and hearing aids.  Last but not least party lets kids go to the zoo and see Santa Clause.

So if you care about others in need and would like to contribute to True Blue then this year help out others and put money into the blue bin’s your SBO’s carry around. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.