Top Music at Bingham in 2022


A girl listens to music in a bright orange coat on the beach. Photo Credit:TarasMalyarevich

Lindsay Reynolds , Staff Writer

Songs are an important part of everyone’s life. Whether it’s listening to the radio, jamming out to your favorite song, or even just in movies and shows, songs are everywhere. While everyone has different music tastes and favorite songs, some stand out as more popular than others. Whether it’s Spotify or vinyl records, there are so many ways to listen to music. 

With a large majority of Bingham students using it, Spotify stands out as the most popular music streaming used. After Spotify, the next most popular choices are YouTube, Amazon Music, and Apple Music, all tied for 2nd place. Spotify has over 433 million members, with even more Spotify Premium members, so it is understandable that it is most popular at Bingham High School. It offers a range of listening choices from podcasts to soundtracks; it’s got it all. There even is a podcast made by students here at Bingham called Meet The Miners. 

There is a range of music choices and genres favored by students here. While it is impossible to say which song every student likes the best, there are a few that stood out as more popular than the others. Particularly “Satellite” by Harry Styles. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were the most popular artists among Bingham students. However, The Weeknd was the most popular song artist in the world on Spotify in both December of 2022 and January of 2023. 

Along with specific songs and artists, there are also a lot of music genres that are popular here at Bingham. From show tunes to heavy metal, there are so many different options to choose from, but the most popular with students is indie/pop. At a close second is rock, while contemporary and country show up occasionally as well. With how many students there are at Bingham High School, there is bound to be such a large variety in anything.

There are so many songs and artists in the world, and even more genres. There are also many students at Bingham, and every one is unique, especially in their music choices. There are songs for anyone and everyone, ready to be listened to, and plenty of places to listen to them.

A girl listens to music in a bright orange coat on the beach.
Photo Credit: massonforstock
A young boy listens to music sitting at home.
Photo Credit: TarasMalyarevich