It’s finally here, summer! We had a long school year and everyone has been working hard to get here. But during summer we do so many different things. What are those things? Well, Harlie Hurst, a social butterfly, told me what she does during summer.

During summer she goes to a lot of places like Bryce Canyon in Utah, Lava Hot Springs in Idaho, and Bear Lake in Utah and Idaho. And even coming back from Bryce Canyon she takes the scenic route and sees the best landmarks and parks. But what she likes most is going camping with family and friends. She makes sure to spend enough time with her friends and family.

Harlie said, “I also love the extra time I get with my friends, they’re like a second family to me so getting the extra time means a lot.” 

With her family, board games are a favorite for them. But with friends they do a variety of things like water games, charades, improv games, volleyball, night games, etc.

“I love spending time outdoors with family and friends and each summer is so much fun.”, said Harlie.

Featured Photo: Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.
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