The Best Sports Films

The best movies ever made are sports movies, because they normally tell a great story. There are also so many different kinds of sports movies. Some are hilarious like She’s the Man. Others are serious but have a funny side to them like Remember the Titans. Some are also based on true stories like The Blind Side, or Miracle. Almost all sports movies are entertaining and have some kind of humor in them.

Remember the Titans is one of the best sports movies. In the beginning they all hate each other and don’t want to play football on the same team. As the movie goes on you can see the differences between the two sides and see them grow closer to each other. You grow to love all the characters by the end of the movie.

She’s the Man is one of the most quoted sports movies. Everyone I’ve talked to said they absolutely love this movie. If you haven’t seen it you should, because this movie is just so funny. It’s about a girl who pretends to be her brother just so she can play on the soccer team. This movie is just so entertaining.

The movie Miracle was based on a true story, about the USA Olympic hockey team. They have to compete against one of the hardest teams in the world, and it’s interesting to see how much they improved from the beginning of the movie to the end. This movie also plays with your emotions because you connect with the characters and feel bad when they have to repeat their training exercises so many times.

One of the most popular movies is The Blind Side. It has a great meaning behind it and is based on a true story. One of the best characters in this movie is SJ because he’s just always there for Michael and helps him throughout the entire movie.

Sports movies are probably the best types of movies because there are just so many different types of sports films. You are always in the mood for at least one of them. They are also great movies to watch with friends. Sports movies can also teach you things as well like how to play the sport. All sports movies show at least part of the game or a warm up, and you can learn the basic rules of the game and understand it more. You can also learn other things like how to work hard for something and that hard work always pays off in the end.