Bingham’s Hockey Team

Kayla Bowen and Jessie Melton

Bingham’s Hockey team is one of the hardest working sports teams at Bingham high school and some students have never even attended a game before. The boys on the team have long practices and late night games, but they continue to work hard and all strive to do well in school. The hard work has definitely paid off for many of the team members like Taylor Telford.

He said, “I have been playing hockey for 12 years now and 2 of them have been for Bingham High. I play both JV and Varsity as the second line center. I am the second leading scorer on the team and to my knowledge I have the most penalty minutes as well. I started playing as an 8th grader in Exhibition games and I joined officially as a freshman in 2013.”-Taylor Telford/#9/ Sophomore

Taylor, like the other players, loves the game and works hard to become a better player every season and even during the off-season months. Trevor Allen has had a very similar experience as a member of the Bingham hockey team because he works hard and gives a lot of this time to this sport, but has grown to love it and continues to get better every time he’s on the ice.

He said, “After not wanting to go through the “Learn to Play” program as a kid I decided to play hockey for Bingham as a sophomore. One of my good friends was playing and told me they needed players so I decided to try it out and ended up loving the game. When I first started I could barely stand up on skates nor could I control the puck. The team accepted me as one of them and helped me become the player I am now. Now I have a good friendship on and off of the ice. After a year and half of going to practices and spending time on my own practicing, I have become a well-developed player and I am able to keep up with fast pace game and participate in the game play.”-Trevor Allen/#35 /Junior

Bingham’s Hockey team is not only full of hard workers, but really good players, which makes watching them lots more fun. Which is why attending the games is a blast with friends and the hockey team ALWAYS loves support.