Bingham Lady Miners

Marietta Lehmitz, Staff Writer

The Bingham Lady Miners have been sweeping their opponents off the court as they continue to add to their 10-0 pre-season winning streak. Though it hasn’t been easy, they seem to find a way to fight back. The team is strong and they work hard to improve their skills. Coach Mason said, “They realize it is a team sport and want to do what is best for the team.” This is essential for being a strong winning team.

Lots of the girls participated in early morning weights before the season in addition to their athletics class periods. The team practices 6 times a week with intense drills and workouts to prepare for their competitive games. They have had to work extra hard considering that they have a young team with only two Senior and a handful of Juniors.

Madison Loftus, Leya Harvey, and Marlee Malohi have recently been called the Dynamic Trio by the Salt Lake Tribune. Mason said, “ They have high standards and set a good example for the team.” The girls work hard with their schooling and bring everything they have to the basketball court to be successful.

The team takes time off the court to develop good character. On New Years Eve they canceled their plans from spending time from friends and family to serve their community at JL Sorensen Recreation Center in Herriman. Mason responded, “ It was a proud moment for me as a coach to see teenage girls who are willing to serve their community on a night when most teenagers just want to be with their friends.” This has helped the team to grow closer together and set a good example for the rest of us.

One of the teams most exciting games was against Riverton on December 18, 2014. Bingham was down by 17 points near the half and thought that they would lose the game early on but they toughed it out and fought back. Maddie Loftus had an amazing offensive comeback against the Silverwolves. The Miners and Silverwolves went into overtime and the teams began to battle once again. At the buzzer the final score was Bingham with 52 points and Riverton with a close 51.