Dead Men Tell No Tales

Alli Jensen, Staff Writer

“Don’t stand in the way of your dreams,” could be considered the thought that circles through the band members heads this season. From spending hours on the field, to dedicating their spare time and energy to the sport they love, the marching band has done an amazing job with their season this year. It is unlike any other you’ve seen and will surprise all those who see it.

Since January, the marching band staffs have been working hard to come up with ideas for the show. They had to consider previous shows, but still had to come up with an idea by February. They knew they were onto something when they stumbled across a new publisher and the ideas starting flowing. They finally came up with the theme, “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” The kids this year are absolutely in love with their show and because of that, their hard work is paying off. Mr. Graber said, “I think we will be pretty dominating in our class, and I think the kids are ready for that. Every year is a hit and miss, and right now we’re firing on all cylinders. We are actually ahead right now on our prep.”

According to Graber, the band this year is one of the better bands they’ve had in a while. Their driven, smart, and free from drama, and as they continue to see the staff’s vision, they’ve become even more engrossed and excited.

“Dead Men Tell No Tales” requires a lot of acting, which according to Chris Styles, visual staff, lies on the back of the color guard. The pirate captain and his officers stole from the town and now have a glorious treasure. The Captain doesn’t want to share the treasure though and becomes blood thirsty. One by one the officers are killed, and the mystery and suspense builds. Will the Captain get away with blood on her hands, or will she be caught? Come and see for yourself.