The 15-Second Game

Ana Ramos, Online Editor

At 0-64 Bingham, Copper Hills tried their best, but it clearly wasn’t enough to dent the score of Bingham High, a school known for being one of the very best in the country, certainly the best in the state. In only 15 seconds of the first quarter, the game was already won; the first touchdown of a fated game. Spectators seemed to know what the score would be before the game even started, the bets ranging from 0-100 to 0-50 Bingham; and the final score was in between those two, not at all a surprise. During the first quarter, Copper Hills’ offense did not advance more than twenty yards against Bingham’s defense.
The players reminded us that one of the most important things about sports is the conduct of the fans. Parker Workman, number 41, said that aspiring players should: “Watch and learn; just come to all the varsity games and watch your positions and get better.” Sounds easy enough, but we all know how hard the boys work in order to do their very best at every game. Simote Lokotui, number three, reminded us that the audience must be respectful, especially at a Homecoming game, and that disrespectful behavior would “Offend the other team. Good cheering is just complimenting the team, picking them up when we have a tackle or if they hit us.” Something to keep in mind while watching a game like the one we had, where we even had people flash their phone flashlights with the opposing fans and just have good sportsmanship and fun.
It is true people talk about the Bishop Gorman game, but when Head Coach Lambourne was questioned about it, he spoke that it was only one game out of many that his team had to play, and they didn’t really expect to win that specific game; his team worked really hard but they weren’t going to work harder just because of one loss; the Homecoming game was way more important to the coach and the players than the Bishop Gorman game was, since we have a title as the state’s best team and we are not giving it up. We must show we are better than anyone else in the state, but not necessarily better than teams from out of state. After the Homecoming game, the coach said that there are always things the team will be able to do better, and his team maintained their intensity throughout the entire game in spite of their score, which for him was the greatest thing about the game. Knowing Bingham, we can expect more scores like that all throughout the season.