The Face of Bingham Football

Konnor Woodburn, Sports Editor

Bingham football has had a long and proud legacy. Many coaches have contributed to its heritage, with the latest being Coach Lambourne.
Coach Lambourne has some goals for this year. He is striving towards overall improvement by each of the players. “If you take and multiply a little bit of improvement by a hundred football players and twenty coaches and the program as a whole, I think you’re going to have a good result.” Lambourne said. He is also working to prepare the team for regional and state titles.
Lambourne also mentioned that the team has introduced some new strategies this year, just as in years passed. “We always do that. We always have.” he said, in reference to creating new strategies. “If you’re stagnant you’re probably gonna just stay in the same place. And with that theme of trying to improve yeah, we’ve added some new things.” The coach did say that many of the new techniques added this year are things that the average fan would not pick up on in a game setting.
As both a coach and a teacher, Coach Lambourne has a busy lifestyle. He arrives at Bingham by seven o’clock each morning then spends the time before class preparing lessons and plans for practices. He teaches throughout the day, and after school his time is spent focused towards football until about six o’clock.
The coach said that he likes football because their interactions with the players and coaches that provides camaraderie and friendships. He sees teaching as similar, but said that there isn’t always the same level of interaction as with the players.