The Powder Puff Game

Brookyn Bailey, Staff Writer

On Wednesday September 16th, the senior Powder Puff (girls flag football) team took on the junior powder puff team. The game ended when lightning was spotted in the rain, ending with a score of 12-12.
The senior team captains, Shea Rasmussen and Torre Glasker, met with the junior team captains, Brooklyn Bailey, Callie Whitney, Jade Sine, and Megan Gurr, at the beginning of the game for the coin toss.
In the middle of the first half the senior team scored their first touchdown. The PAT, or the point after touchdown, did not count and made the score 6-0, with the seniors ahead. The juniors caught up to the seniors at the end of the first half when Megan Gurr ran in the ball for the touchdown, instead of throwing the ball to a receiver. She tied up the score for halftime, making it 6-6.
Soon into the second half, the head coach for the senior team, Charlie Baggett, brought out Aspen Drecksel. Charlie said, “We saved her for the second half because she is so fast. She will score a lot for us”. At the beginning of the second half, Aspen Drecksel scored another touchdown for the senior team. Closer to the end of the quarter, junior Jade Sine caught the ball and ran more than 70 yards to tie up the score for the junior team. She said, “It was such a rush to run that far without somebody pulling my flags. Next year we are going to win”. The touchdown brought the score to 12-12.
The game ended shortly after Jade Sine scored her touchdown. The score was tied so the teams were going to go into overtime, but the game was cut short because lightning was spotted and the teams were removed from the field for safety reasons.
Senior team captain, Shea Rasmussen, said, “Powder Puff was so fun; I think I’ll try out for football this year!”