Bingham Hockey


Photo by Genevieve2

Bingham’s Hockey team is considered a club instead of a sport. Clubs are self-funding organizations; they get next to no help in earning money for what they need. The hockey team alone has to pay almost $1,000 during the season and it’s all out of the teams’ pockets.

Members of the hockey team here at Bingham feel like they don’t receive the recognition they deserve. The team members work hard at their late games and long practices. Though not very often does Bingham announce their games the same as they do football games. If you wanted to see a game you’d have to know people on the team, or know someone who could get the information about the team. If you couldn’t figure that out, it would be extremely hard to find out when Hockey games are, since Bingham doesn’t even post their game days on the website.

Similarly, since hockey is considered a club and not a sport it’s hard to get people to join the team. Bingham Hockey’s team captain Taylor Telford said, “It is hard to find people to join the hockey team. We get a lot of newbies.” Telford himself found out about Bingham’s Hockey team from his junior high team. Bingham doesn’t do much to promote information on the hockey club team; they spend most of their time promoting the district approved sports.

Despite the struggles of being a club, the team doesn’t let that bring them down. They work hard and play well as a team, which contributes to their success. The hockey team members are extremely close. Telford said, “We’re like brothers. We all help each other and everyone is fun to be around. We are truly like a family.”