Madi Loftus

Konnor Woodburn, Sports Editor

Senior Madi Loftus defies expectations both on the court and the field, but that’s not all she has to offer here at Bingham High School.  She has countless qualities that help everyone around her, including leadership, work ethic, kindness and empathy.


On the basketball court, Loftus plays as a point guard on the varsity team.  She spends a lot of time working with her teammates and new players at camps and clinics, and is always a good example for the people around her. “She pushes me to be better and makes me feel really welcomed. I look to her for what to do,” said Sidnee Hogan, teammate of Loftus. Her leadership skills haven’t gone unnoticed by her coaches either. “She is a really great leader, and she is always working hard and getting others to do their best,” said Girl’s Basketball coach Charron Mason.


Out on the soccer field Loftus works hard playing goalie. As a team captain, she provides an excellent example of leadership. “She always keeps us positive especially when we are down. Whenever any of us think of who a leader is, we always think of her,” said teammate Jessica Mackay. In her position as goalie, Loftus has done a lot of good. “She has made some unreal saves,” Mackay said. “She runs the game.”


While playing soccer and basketball Loftus is extremely competitive, which contributes to her success. “I made the region team [in basketball] both sophomore and junior year,” said Loftus. In just soccer specifically, Loftus made the region team all four years of high school. While playing as a junior, she was named region 3 goalie of the year (does this need to be capitalized?).  These accomplishments have greatly contributed to her success in both athletic programs.


Although most athletes only focus on applying for one athletic scholarship, Loftus has applied and received several scholarships for both sports. She is currently talking to Dixie State and Eastern Oregon Universities. “I have scholarships for both right now,” Loftus said. When asked which sport she can see herself pursuing in the future, Loftus said, “Most likely [I’d play] basketball.”


Overall, Loftus has made a long lasting impact on both the court and the field as a leader and a supportive teammate.