Bingham Wrestling

If you’ve ever been to one of Bingham’s wrestling duals, you understand how easy the wrestlers make the sport look. However, we don’t see the many hours that go into practicing and training.
Wrestling is difficult both physically and mentally. The sport requires wrestlers to use various techniques and holds to force their opponent on the mat. The best wrestlers have a healthy diet and are in good physical condition. Matt Walker, coach of Bingham wrestling, explained that a good wrestler is someone who is physical, likes working hard, and is intelligent.

Getting to this point requires conditioning and practice. A normal practice is packed. The wrestlers start with a warm up and stretch. Then they hand fight, where they move their opponent and try to create angles. They drill takedowns and other moves, learn new moves and practice them, and live wrestle. In between their matches they do twenty push-ups, twenty pull-ups, and twenty sit-ups. The practice ends with conditioning. Bingham has strong goals for the upcoming season. “We should win region this year. We’ll know very shortly,” said Walker. Two Bingham wrestlers, Coby Vandertoolen and Cole Moody, are ranked number one in the state of Utah, and they are number one in all four divisions. To support our Bingham wrestlers, visit the school’s website for upcoming duals and tournaments. Most are held on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 7:00 PM.