Boys Basketball

Mitch Potters and Marietta Lehmitz

The Bingham boy’s basketball team is looking forward to a great season this year. After their first game against Riverton High School, it showed that they are a strong, smart, and talented team who is willing to fight all the way to the end. Most of Bingham only sees the team perform at a game, but what they don’t see is all the dedication and hard work that goes on behind the scenes. What is making this year’s team great is their dedication and commitment. Coach Schroeder said, “This year’s motto is T.E.A.M. Tradition, Excellence, Attitude, and Mental strength and toughness.” Before their first game, the team had already spent seventeen sweat breaking practices getting ready for a great season.

Since there are a lot of returning players from last season, they hope that they will be a stronger team this season. The players who are not returning are very much ready to give it their all and have a good attitude. When asked about this year’s team relative to last year’s team, Coach Ohrn said, “All around there is more talent and skill.” He proceeded to say they are “Ready to go.”
Along with being friends and classmates outside of practice, the team has their own tradition they like to do before each Friday game. They all come together at someone’s house and enjoy a dinner before they head out to go and fight for a win together. The level of camaraderie amongst these players is one of the major things that helps to make this team one of the best. The motto is not something they just go by at practice or on the court; it’s in every aspect of all of their lives.
Although looking forward to a great season this year, Coach Schroeder said this team is still far from perfect and “We need to overcome some obstacles and definitely work hard.” Even though there are a lot of returning players, there also are a lot of new players. While Coach Ohrn is pleased with the amount of returning talent, it’s not as much as Coach Schroeder wants. Coach Schroeder asked for each and every one of us to show our support by coming and cheering at the games. Supporting our fellow classmates is one of the greatest things we can do as students, and when the team is playing for an energized crowd, it gives them motivation.
Overall, the Bingham Basketball team is set up for a great season and even has the possibility of going to State. Remember to show your support for the team as they battle their way through this season.