Dallin Hougaard, Staff Writer

There’s something beautiful about being able to shred down the largest thing within many miles, and see the great creations made by the snow, wind, and other natural structures.

Now you may think this is skiing, but there’s where you’re dead wrong. Snowboarding is the way to go if you’re to enjoy these things, while also doing amazing things with them like different tricks for your new edit. While skiing is fun and for everyone, snowboarding is for the more elite and daring.
We have lots of great resorts here in Utah, like Brighton, Park City, Snowbird, Solitude, and many more. Then there’s Alta, who doesn’t allow snowboarders to “keep the idiots off their mountain.” No irony here. Many snowboarders prefer Brighton, as it has plenty of runs and often times you can just do your own thing there. Really the resort that suits you best depends on your style, and what you want in a mountain.
There are many local snowboarding athletes, as well as skiers. One of the most recent snowboarders to come into the limelight is Sage Kotsenburg, men’s snowboard slopestyle gold medalist in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. He lives in Park City and won the slopestyle with a trick he’d never tried before and his own creation, the “Holy Crail.” For all you girl snowboarders, we’ve got another local pro athlete, Faye Gulini. She’s from Salt Lake City, has won quite a few awards, and is on the US snowboardcross team, which she competed with in Sochi and landed just off the podium in fourth. These are just some of the amazing locals we have raised in “the greatest snow on Earth.”