Mitch Potters, Staff Writer

Respect. Discipline. Honor. Integrity. Dedication. All of these are qualities of good sportsmanship. Nowadays we see overpaid athletes on TV that care only about winning and the glory that comes from it. When they are not on the field, we see the piling up of many criminal charges and ex-relationships. Good sportsmanship seems to be nonexistent in today’s society; however, don’t get discouraged quite yet.
Being a good sportsman is respecting others, having fun, staying true to your morals, working hard, and always remaining dedicated to success on and off the field. It is not something that can just die with time. Sportsmanship always exists, and it is a choice for each and everyone of us to make. On and off the field. While there are still individuals who have been glorified in the spotlight that don’t appear to be good sportsmen, there are plenty behind the scenes.
The most recent act of sportsmanship that we have seen in the news is from former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. According to Life News, out of respect for himself and for his former girlfriend, he chose to remain abstinent until marriage. Unfortunately though, it meant her dumping him because of it.
Another act of positive sportsmanship was seen just last year in the town of St. Paul, Minnesota. According to Kare 11 News, there was a High School State Wrestling Championship going on. It came down to a match where wrestler Mitchell McKee, who wanted to win for his terminally ill father, was competing with Malik Stewart; who was expected to win. Stewart lost, but instead of being angry, he embraced McKee, and then McKee’s father. He had swallowed his pride and went out of his way to tell them that they were both incredible.
In the Sochi Winter Olympics last year, Today News reported yet another act of sportsmanship. Female snowboarder Kelly Clark had a bad first run in the half pipe. Visibly shaken up, Torah Bright, a snowboarder from Australia, decided to go over to Clark and give her a hug. She remained holding Clark until her breathing slowed and she was able to relax and give the half pipe another run.
These are all just a few examples of sportsmanship that we have seen happen. Each and every one of these people all made a choice to do what was right. Swallowing their pride, they actually showed that in life and in sports we must remember that in the end it’s not winning or losing that matters. It’s the journey to that win or that loss that matters. What we do on that journey is what truly defines us.
Every day there are countless opportunities to be a good sportsman. Even though not everyone actively participates in a sport, everyone does actively participate in life. As you go throughout your day, remember what it means to be a good sportsman. Respect everyone around you, not just those you’ve decided are worth respecting. Be disciplined and hold true to your word always. Remember to work hard. Honor all those who have made you who you are. Stay faithful to your morals. Never compromise your integrity. Remain dedicated to success. Always push yourself. You can achieve so many things when you choose to stay dedicated and committed to something, through the good and through the bad