Super Bowl 50

Kelsey Heffernan, Staff Writer

On Sunday, February 7, 2016, the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos

battled for a Super Bowl victory in Santa Clara, California at Levi’s Stadium. This was

the Panthers-Broncos fifth matchup in Super Bowl history, and the Broncos came

out on top.

It took a lot of hard work for both teams to make it here. The Broncos inched

in with a 20-18 win against the New England Patriots. And the Panthers made it in

after beating the Arizona Cardinals, 49-15.

One thing that was different about this year’s Super Bowl was that the logo

was written in numbers rather than the traditional roman numerals. Instead of

being called “Super Bowl L”, it was called Super Bowl 50. According to, this

was the first time in forty years that the Super Bowl logo was not written in roman

numerals. However, this was just a one-year break for display purposes and they

will return to roman numerals next year.

The Panthers were lead by quarterback Cam Newton and the Broncos were

lead by quarterback Peyton Manning, who were both number one NFL draft picks.

There is a thirteen-year age difference between Manning and Newton, which is the

biggest age gap between two quarterbacks in Super Bowl history.

The game kicked off with both teams coming out aggressively, but the

Bronco’s first two plays took the Panthers by surprise. The first three points of the

game came from Brandon McManus’s 34-yard field goal, soon followed by a

touchdown for the Broncos.  The first quarter ended with the Broncos leading 10-0.

The Panthers came through in the second quarter, with a touchdown by

Jonathan Stewart. He jumped over all the defensive linemen into the end zone,

bringing the score to 7-10.

By halftime, the score was at 13-7, with Broncos still in the lead. At this time,

the Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera, said, “It will come down to the team that has

the ball last”.

In the third quarter, the Panthers miss a field goal opportunity while the

Broncos gain another one. Bringing the score to 16-7, with the Broncos still in the

lead. The Panthers had 121 yards in the third quarter alone, but still had not scored.

Halfway into the forth quarter, the Panthers got a field goal set up by Peyton

Manning’s fumble. Changing the score to 10-16.

With just three minutes left in the 4th quarter, Anderson sneaks a touchdown

in for the Broncos. Another pass after that brings the score to 24-10.

The Denver defense was unstoppable, and the final score 24-10. Leaving the

Denver Broncos as the Super Bowl 50 champions.