SBO Jr Jazz

Autumn Thatcher, Sports Editor

The Lord Derby Elands are galloping onto the court again as the unofficial Bingham Boys Jr. Jazz team. This is no amateur Jr. Jazz team. These guys have the matching clothes, team website, social media pages, a video advertising their team and even a rival team. The rival team is made up of boys from Bingham.

There are many familiar faces of Bingham on the team, including Brigham Jewkes, Court Nielsen, Spencer Maddock, Stantson Miles, Josh Degn, Jordan Christensen, and James Packer. They all have different strengths which really helps the team succeed. When asked about their weaknesses, Brigham Jewkes said, “Too much talent… it’s hard to have people sit on the bench!”

Seniors Brock Dillan, Andrew Boud, and Dallin Bentley coach the Lord Derby Elands. During their Monday games they dress up professionally and carry around a board for new and inventive plays. Many of the players have coached in the last three years, including James Packer. This year he switched positions with Brock Dillan to be a player on the court. “I felt like my call was more coaching,” said Dillan.

Lord Derby Elands still find time to play basketball even with all the classes, extracurricular activities, and leadership positions that many of the players have. Jordan Christensen said, “It’s just ball all day!”

The team was formed three years ago. “Some of the players have come and gone, but the team we have now is the most formidable,” said Jewkes. Jordan Christensen has played all three years along with some of the players.

So far this year The Lord Derby Elands have had an undefeated streak. Usually they get quite the support from the Bingham student body. “We are always looking for more support at games,” said Jewkes.

One of their biggest supporters is senior, Veronica Robinson. She has come to all their games since sophomore year. “I love my boys,” Robinson said. Over the years Robinson has acted as the Lord Derby Eland’s team mom. She brings snacks and drinks but, “Only for winners!” said Robinson.