Bingham Foosball

If you’ve ever been destroying it on the table soccer field, competitive Foosball may be the sport for you.  So much more than just a reason to make your siblings cry from their inferiority, Foosball is sweeping the playing field as a competitive club.

 This year on February 1 students from all around our area gathered at Jordan High School to test their (singles) Foosball skills.  Bingham High was well represented in a combined Herriman Mustangs/Bingham Miner team.  From Bingham, seniors Caden Bullock, Kevin Thorne, Kade Cambell, and Brandon Olsen.  The Bingham and Herriman team competed against Jordan, Skyview, Mountain View, West Jordan, and Alta.  Brandon Olsen, a senior here at Bingham High School, won the state title.  For the doubles tournament, Brandon Olsen and Caden Bullock took second at state.  Caden Bullock said about their win, “We were pretty proud to have placed during doubles.  Personally, I was absolutely stoked because all of our extra practice we had put in had finally paid off.” 

In preparation for the big competition, Brandon Olsen said they honed their skills by playing against each other.  While this sport may have many similarities to the actual game of soccer, practice is much different.  “You can’t practice Foosball,” Brandon said.  Obviously, the preparatory playing paid off. 

When asked about his favorite aspect of Foosball, Caden said, “Definitely how unique the whole thing is.  It’s really cool to play a sport that isn’t widely known because it becomes a sort of novelty.”  Bingham is proud to have such a successful Foosball team as well as to be home to such a variety of clubs and sports.