Bingham Track and Field

Autumn Thatcher and Konnor Woodburn

Some people have amazing hand-eye coordination and strength to throw an object to record breaking lengths. Others can take off at a sprint, running a fixed distance until their lungs burn. Track and field encompasses numerous events, making it a highly popular sport to participate in here at Bingham High School. Being on the team requires a high level of effort, and the coaches require a lot from their athletes. Long distance coach Ms. Paxton said, “Like any coach, I expect dedication to the sport and to their teammates.”


The new head coach is Mr. Hardman, a computer and finance teacher here at Bingham. In years past he coached high jump and now does this in addition to being the head coach.


Track and field is split up into multiple events that athletes can focus on. For example, the section of throws consists of shot put, javelin, and discus. Many athletes participate in these throwing events to test their strength and accuracy. Darcy Allen, one of Bingham’s discus and shotput throwers has been throwing for Bingham for three different seasons. When asked about this season so far she said, “It’s been great so far, and there are lots of new people as well as a new head coach so he has changed a few things up.”


Another event in track and field that many athletes enjoy is sprints. In this sport there are many different sprint events including the 100 meter sprint, 200 meter sprint, and 400 meter sprint. These events push athletes to their limit as they race to the finish line. Sydney Lewis, a senior at Bingham, sprints all three. One thing she really enjoys about her sprinting experience is the individual improvement that she sees in herself. “I’ve done sprint workouts since sophomore year…  they were tough, I wanted something that would push me even more, so I started training with the mid-distance 400 runners this year. It’s definitely been a challenge, but I’ve already seen huge improvement in myself,” said Lewis.  Unlike many other sports at Bingham, many events in track and field are on an individual basis. Some athletes have an objective that they work for throughout the season.  Long distance coach Ms. Paxton said, “…before each race I ask that they have a specific, measurable goal and a plan of how to accomplish that goal.”
Track and field has so many different people that participate in the events that a wide range support system is formed. The support system between the track and field members is one of Sydney Lewis’ favorite things. “I’d have to say the relationship you build with your teammates, and the amount of support you get from them,” said Lewis.