Baseball at Bingham

Alexis Hansen and Irelynd Brown

“Park here at your own risk” the sign says.  And people do. Why would a school parking lot have such an ominous and slightly threatening sign? One word: Baseball. Tan lines across the forehead, striped tights, red dust every where, and people of all social groups still swoon when they come swingin’.  High School Musical fantasies aside, baseball still brings feelings of nostalgia to many. This is disputed the pickled sunflower seeds, gum stuck metal bleachers, slick beads of sweat on your sunburned neck, and tobacco stained sidewalks.  What is Bingham’s take? Ethan Angerbauer said, “We have a pretty good shot at state.”  The team won 2nd in state last year, but Ethan says that this could be their redemption.

Bingham baseball has been around longer than the very building we learn in today.  Although we have gotten new bats and better diamonds, the core and heart of the game has changed very little.  With rigorous practice multiple times a week, the team is working harder than ever this year to bring home the state trophy.  But it isn’t just about winning, the tradition of this All-American sport dates back to the original Bingham in Copperton.  The legacy left by players before them, however, is only one of the many reasons which Bingham baseball is special.

Upon interviewing some of the players, it was found that there are some baseball scholarships, in line and also there are some returning starters.

In response to any who are wondering about Bingham’s prospects for state, they can be assured that there are many many hours of practice being put into their ability to kick butt and keep names.

One thing is for sure, if anyone is wondering whether the baseball team will work hard to better the name of Bingham, they will not be disappointed.