Bingham Boys’ Tennis

Alli Jensen, Staff Writer

A decade ago, Bingham tennis wanted to be a part of the region and state discussion. Now they are the discussion. Coach Peterson, one of the tennis team’s coaches, can’t remember a time in the last decade where a player from Bingham hasn’t competed for a state championship. The level of intensity and competitiveness of Bingham has increased, making Bingham tennis one of the premier programs in the state.

This season, Bingham Boy’s tennis have won all region matches except for one against Brighton, but recently when Brighton came here to Bingham, Bingham won. According to Coach Peterson, the tennis team will “probably have first seeds (seeds are players who are considered to be among the most likely to win the tournament. First and second seeds will usually play each other in the final round.) going into the region tournament in both first and singles position, but no worse than second seeds going into the tournament.”

Coach Wolfgramm, one of the other Bingham tennis coaches, made it clear that the tennis team is held to a high expectation. “We are competing for a region championship in many different spots; we want them to be very successful in that regard.” The players make a commitment to practice daily from 3-5:30 P.M., to practice even on off days, and to play year-round. Coach Fonda said, “ to be a region champion, to be a state champion, you have to be committed year round, even if there’s snow on the ground.” Tennis is a big time and money commitment, but for those who excel, it’s an amazing commitment because of the memories made.

Freshman, Benjamin Crane, is enjoying his first year on the tennis team by working hard with great friends and teammates. Benjamin said that it’s a lot of work, but because of the experience he’s had, even though it takes time of his day, it is definitely worth it because it’s taught him that what you put in is what you get out, whether you’re on the court or in your daily life.

With the year coming to an end, and with the team taking second in state, their hard work is definitely paying off and we can expect great things from our Bingham Boy’s tennis team.