Bingham’s Water Polo Players

Marietta Lehmitz, Staff Writer

 Andrew Jones and Dani Harper have something in common. They both love playing water polo. This intense sport has given both of these Bingham students opportunities that they claim have changed their lives.

    Water polo is like hockey, basketball, soccer, and wrestling all put together and played in the water. Two teams compete against each other by passing and throwing the ball into a goal. It is a super intense game.

Sophomore, Andrew Jones, got involved by simply trying new things. He participated in the swim team over at the JL Sorenson Recreation Center in Herriman. One day he saw the flyer posted on the wall and he thought he would give it a try. Jones fell in love with the game and wants to continue even after high school. “It’s a factor I am using to consider what college to go to,” Jones said.

Dani Harper has decided to make water polo her life. Her older sister was introduced to playing water polo who then led the way for Harper and her other siblings.  Harper’s love of the game and dedication can take her a long way. Harper also wants to continue with water polo after high school. Her dream is to play at a college or university in California. “If that doesn’t pan out I will either coach here in Utah or become a ref. That way I can stay a part of the culture that comes from playing water polo,” said Harper.

Harper, Jones, and a handful of others all play for Herriman’s water polo team because Bingham doesn’t have one. A few years ago, a number of students requested a team be started but were turned down. Since then, water polo players have had to search for alternative teams at Murray, Steiner, Kearns, and Herriman. Andrew Jones said, “I wish that Bingham had a team. I would play.” Dani Harper also said,” I really wish Bingham had a water polo team. I would play for them.”

Not only do Bingham players want a team at Bingham but they would love to see more students trying new sports like water polo. There’s no harm in trying new things. Who knows, you might actually love it.