Brooke Anderson, News Editor

March signifies the beginning of Bingham’s softball season. The girls on this year’s team

are “young, good ball players with great attitudes who work hard to reach their potential”

according to Ms. Jackson, head coach for Bingham’s softball team.

She has been coaching softball for 25 years. Her and four other coaches work together

and coach all varsity, JV, sophomore, and freshmen softball teams. Bingham’s softball players

commit many hours to practicing and games.

When asked if softball ever gets in the way of school work Bella Manuel, team captain,

answers “Sometimes. I just learned not to procrastinate.” Another player, Hanna Reid, agreed

saying she usually has a lot of late nights finishing homework. Softball players practice

practically year-round. If they aren’t practicing for three hours a day for Bingham’s softball

team, they’re playing on Excel teams during the fall. Being on the softball team they are all

committed to playing whenever they can and to get as much practice in as they can.

Bella Manuel describes playing softball as a “stress reliever.” She also said that “the

team is like a second family, a group of sisters.” Hanna Reid also describes playing softball as an

“escape from life and stress.” According to “participating in a sport can be a helpful

way of reducing stress levels and increasing feelings of physical and mental well-being.” Which the girls

on the softball team would agree is very true.

Games start in March and end in the third week of May, which is the state tournament.

Games are after school every Tuesday and Thursday. The softball team is a great group of girls

who are committed and have great attitudes, and love the game. All of which shines through

when you watch them play.