Special Olympics

Megan Hutchings, A&E Editor

Participating in sports is an iconic part of high school for many students who attend

Bingham High School. This spring, several students from Mr. Denslow’s special programs class

had the opportunity to play on a soccer team against other special program classes from high

schools around the valley. Through the player’s hard work, dedication, and determination to have

fun, Mr. Denslow’s class was able to take first in state among the other special programs teams

from around the state.

Some of the students that play on the team include Tim, Cinnamon, Kylee, and Alex.

Many of the special programs students that are playing on the team are seniors and will be

graduating, so this will be their last year playing on the team. There are also several peer tutors

who signed up to play alongside them. The soccer team played a total of only six or seven

games, all of which are at different locations throughout the valley. Some of these included Marv

Jensen, Lone Peak, and Tooele. Maddie Memmott, Best Buddies Presidents believes Special

Olympics programs to be very important. She said, “Special Olympics is very important to

people with disabilities. It gives them the chance to compete like any regular Ed student would,

and it helps them feel included and important. It has made such a difference in their lives.”

The team held practice once a week, and then had a game about every other week which

they traveled to together on a bus. There is a huge amount of team and school spirit among the

many players. They are very competitive, and play their hardest at every game, but even when

they lost they were really great sports about it.

Mr. Denslow’s class has a lot of different sports throughout the year. They participate in

basketball, soccer, and track, covering a range of abilities. After the soccer season has come to an

end, the next sport that this team will be participating in will be the track season, which is one of

the favorites among the special programs athletes.

This soccer program gives the students in the special programs class a chance to put on

their Bingham blue jerseys and go out and represent Bingham on the field just like many other

students who attend Bingham High School. They were able to represent Bingham beautifully and

eventually came home with the state championship.