Marching Band: Afterworld

Emily Rodrigues, Op/Ed Editor

We’ve seen them every year, at every game, with every step in sync to the time, but this year Bingham’s marching band is marching to the sound of a new beat.

The marching band show Afterworld features three unique movements that showcase some of the defining moments from the classic story of Dante’s Inferno. The entire band and color guard show off both their hard work and dedication, but also their acting skills which set this show apart from the previous years. It is also good timing on the director’s part as the new movie with Tom Hanks based off Dante’s Inferno is also coming out this fall, right in the middle of the marching band’s season.

Many hours are spent creating the show, and many of the students within the band and guard juggle the end of summer activities, school, and jobs. Before the summer ended, everyone went to the two week band camp and practiced twelve hours a day to build the show from the ground up. If you ask any of the marching band kids, they can tell you about the work they put in to make everything run so smoothly. Flute player Kiersten Relph said, “I just hate when people assume that what we do is easy. We don’t just sit on a field all day, we put a ton of effort and work into every step and beat.”

Now that school is in session and the season is in full swing, the band practices every Monday and Wednesday evening for three hours on the baseball field, and every Thursday on the football field. All their hard work is going to lead up to the competitions in tour this year, in the settings of California and St. George. If their work pays off again, they may come back home with another title for Bingham’s ever expanding collection.

The first movement is all about sharp angles and wildness as the band and guard seem to be possessed by demons. This part of the show represents their journey through the gates and into Hell. The demons jump around as they march, creating a harsher tone. They also keep their marching in time with the beat to create specific symbols on the marks of the football field. One such symbol is actually straight out of the satanic bible, to represent the darkness and evil of hell.

The second movement is created to represent the band traveling into Purgatory. The Baritone Section Leader, Arie deHaan, said, “This is the part where we make our decision on if we will go to heaven, or back down to hell.” The band symbolizes this indecision with many straight lines and angled movements, creating a slightly uneasy feeling as they make their final decision.

Lastly is the third and final movement. The band and guard have made it to heaven. The music takes a lighter, more joyful turn, as do the movements and symbols upon the field. The whimsical sounds of Heaven end the show and the band returns back to their practicing until the next game and next opportunity to show their skills.