BHS Dance Company

Bo Potter, Historian

Bingham High School’s Dance Company is a group of tight-knit, talented young women who share a common passion: to dance and to show others their art.

“Dance … helps me to be me and it just allows me to live. [When I dance] it’s separate than the real world almost; it’s just a different feeling,” said Maddie Ruesch, a Dance Co. officer. Ruesch, along with fellow officers Jade Kilgore and Katie Hedman, love to perform with their friends and show the school what the company has been practicing.

The Dance Company is not just a group of girls who perform at assemblies; they do so much, and not just performing. Right now, they are focusing on choreography and learning how to create new, innovative dances. “[Our entire] concert is student choreographed, so they have to come up with their [the dancers] own stuff so we need to teach them how to come up with their own stuff,” said Hedman. Mark your calendars, the concert dates are April 27, 28, and May 1, 2017.

The Dance Company did something new this year and worked with another art program here at Bingham. They teamed up with the theatre department and participated in the Shakespeare festival. “The theatre department goes every year to Shakespeare festival but Dance Company normally doesn’t; there’s a separate dance competition in Shakespeare festival,” said Kilgore. “This is the first year we went. Seven of us went with the theatre department down to SUU, and it was a competition. We created a dance about A Midsummer Night’s Dream and we went down and competed it down there with a bunch of other Dance Companies from around. It was really fun!”

Gina Terrell, the Dance Company instructor has always dreamed of having her own company. “Watching the girls grow from their first year to their last year and how great of dancer they become and how much they improve — that’s the most rewarding thing as a teacher so that’s why I keep [teaching],” said Terrell. Along with choreography, movement, and rhythm, Terrell strives to teach her dancers a little bit more. “Not all of them are going to dance again, so as long as they can come in and build friendships and respect for one another, and a good work ethic, I think that will help them in their future,” she said.

From an amazing performance at the opening assembly, to a district show next month, from Shakespeare festival, to their concert near the end of the year (April 27, 28, and May 1) the BHS Dance Co. is always busy. The next time you see them perform, make sure you clap extra hard for these inspiring, hardworking dancers.