School Year in Review


Photo by Bingham High

This school year of 2016-17, Bingham High School has achieved so much. Many trials have been overcome to get where we are today. From football’s state championship to Academic Decathlon’s state championship, Bingham’s teams have been winning awards left and right, so much so that we were nominated for the most spirited high school in the nation.

To begin, the Bingham Football team won the State championship with a score of 17-10 against Lone Peak.

Bingham Boys Volleyball dominated at their tournaments as well. With their Gold 1 team winning their division for the country tournament and competing at state on Friday and Saturday, May 12 and 13. Boys Volleyball Silver 1 team were champions of their division, Silver 3 took third place at their tournament, and Silver 2 took fourth place in their division, according to Deseret News Sports.

Bingham also won the basketball state championship on Saturday, March 4th. They had a close score of 49-42. According to Deseret News, it was thanks to Branden Carlson, Brayden Cosper, and amazing teamwork that made it so they were able to win state. “Much like the rest of his team, Bingham’s Branden Carlson saved his best for the end … The 6-foot-11 future Utah Ute had just seven points but added three assists and three blocked shots, which proved pivotal late in the contest. All of his assists were made out of the low post as he hit flashing players toward the basket late.”

The girl’s basketball team also had a great season and had 18 wins out of 25 games. Unfortunately, in the quarter finals, the girls lost a close game against Viewmont, 37-54.

Girls Soccer has also put up an amazing performance out 17 games, they had 11 wins, 3 ties, and only 3 losses.

Bingham’s boys’ soccer is also making huge wins, at the moment, there have only been 14 games out 16 games played. Out of the 14, they have only had one loss.

The Academic Decathlon team took first at state this year. Andrea Roundy, the Academic Decathlon assistant coach, said that “…the tournament pulled an Oscars and announced another team as the State winners. On the way back to Bingham, they learned that [they] were the state championships for this year.”

Our own Debate team won second place at their state tournament. Not only did they take second with first-year coaches, but one of the Debate’s coaches, Hannah Shoell, was voted Coach of the Year. Hayden Warren, one of the debate coaches here at Bingham, said, “The debate team greatly exceeded expectations. People thought that we were rebuilding and that this would be the first year in over a decade that we wouldn’t get a trophy. But this team really came together as a family and fought for it.”

Ms. James, an art teacher here at Bingham High school was voted Art Teacher of the Year by McKay School of Education.

However, it isn’t just our sports teams, or our academic teams, or even our teachers here at Bingham who have achieved so much. Our own seniors this year have reached amazing heights of success from taking the ACT to apply to college through fighting senioritis and they have all helped to make Bingham the wonderful place that it is today. Our juniors have struggled through taking the ACT and helped Bingham to become a second home to everyone. Last, but not least, our Bingham Sophomores have shown so much school spirit by making it through their first year of high school and continuing to persevere. At Bingham High School, we can all achieve amazing things.