Miner Magic


Photo by Daenth1

Abi Lingam, Staff Writer

Bingham High School’s athletic legacy has been known throughout the state and has proven just how real miner magic is. After being around for nearly 110 years, the legacy of Bingham High School, especially on the field, is quite infamous.

Walking into the auditorium or gym you can see dozens of the region, state and national titles that we hold. Though we have many titles in our performing arts and academics, we are most well known as an athletically based school. “Bingham holds the best sports legacy of any school in the state,” said Scott Crump, President of the Bingham Alumni Association.

According to the book written by Scott Crump, The First 100 Years, our first football team was formed in 1910 and consisted of 11 players, including the coach! (Keeping in mind that this was when Bingham only had 25 students.) During this time we started playing some of the schools we still play to this day, for example when we played the Jordan Beetdiggers for our very first home game, or when we played Park City which gave us our first victory.

However, in regards to victories, Bingham seems to be associated with them quite frequently. Our baseball team is the most successful sports teams at Bingham High School because they have won more state championships than any other team in the state of Utah. Our baseball team has more traditions than any of our other teams, and most wholeheartedly believe in miner magic. “Miner magic is knowing that the competition is never over when you’re playing Bingham,” said Rand Rasmussen Bingham baseball coach. Rasmussen’s example of when he really experienced the true meaning of miner magic was in 2001 when playing Taylorsville in the state finals they were down 10-1, yet somehow they came through and took the state title that year, “there is a different feeling about Bingham as a whole,” said Rasmussen.

Bingham High School does have a different feeling about it. The feeling of being part of a community of people who never give up and always persevere. Our traditions and success are what bring us together as a school, as a family.