Move to 6A

Kylee Rasmussen, Sports Editor

Contrary to popular belief, Bingham High School didn’t move to the 6A classification in Utah athletics just because we win at everything. Sure, Bingham being the best might play a part in the transfer, but there are several reasons why the UHSAA realigned the classifications and regions for sports in Utah. The classifications for Utah Athletics are based on school population and the regions within them off travel time. Things like school funding also played a large role in deciding which school should go where, and in consequence, which schools will take state.

The Utah School Activities Association, or UHSAA, typically realigns the regions in each classification every two years. But for whatever reason, in the fall of 2016, the board of trustees for the UHSAA decided it was time to add a new classification. Adding 6A to the roster was no small feat. Last fall several public hearings and meetings were held to hear what every school had to say, and several special cases were made such as East High moving to 6A for only football. Several schools had a lot to say about why they should be in a certain class. According to Pep Rally, many administrators were worried about the revenue their athletics bring in, the travel time needed to get to games, and even preserving traditional rivalries.

Finally last November, after realizing they couldn’t please everyone, the UHSAA made the decision: Bingham High School was brought up to 6A, along with teams like Lone Peak, and Herriman. Not only did the board trustees manage to keep traditional rivalries alive, they also managed to create new ones. The East High game became one of the most anticipated of the season, and was said to determine who, as several students put it, “ran the 6A.” East High School Quarterback Ben Ford was quoted in a Good4Utah article and said simply “We finally get to see who the real king of Utah is.”

But Bingham athletes weren’t worried, and still aren’t. The football team saw a shutdown against potential rival East High, and our cross country, volleyball, and girls soccer teams have continued to see wins against 6A opponents. Although the stakes are somewhat higher, the Miners aren’t scared and are ready to show the state who the real king of Utah is.