They are doing swimmingly


Photo by leoleobobeo

Rachel Van Leeuwen, Staff Writer

If the Bingham Swim team is not in the pool or at the gym, they are setting goals to better themselves. Each swimmer has individual goals and works hard to accomplish them. Bingham swimmers began preparing for tryouts in September. Tryouts were held the first week of October and the swimmers have not stopped working since.

The Bingham Swim team practices for an hour and a half on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings, before the rest of us are even out of bed. They practice at Marv Jensen Recreation Center in the mornings and get ready for school after practice. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the team has dry land after school for two hours. A dry land consists of conditioning in the Bingham gym to improve the swimmers’ endurance. The Bingham Swim team is preparing themselves for region in January by working hard at practice every day.

Because of the diversity of speed on the team, each swimmer is pushing themselves for their best. Landon Stalnaker, Bingham senior and Varsity Captain, has set a goal to break a school swim record this season.

One of the best things about the Bingham Swim team is their passion for cheering each other on. Because of how much time they spend together, Stalnaker says that the Bingham Swim team is extremely close. He said, “It’s kind of like a little family.” Although the team has gained many new swimmers this year, the team has already bonded. Bingham Swim is known for how loudly they cheer each other on at meets. Stalnaker said, “We’re one of the most spirited teams. Not everyone goes up behind every lane and yells and screams.”

The Bingham Swim team is optimistic about their 2017-2018 season. Although the team lost many fast swimmers, the Varsity Captains are excited to see how some of the new additions to the team do this season. With the move to 6A, American Fork High School and Lone Peak High School will replace Brighton High School as Bingham’s biggest competitors. The swimmers are eager to compete against these new opponents and are working hard to be at their best for the meets. When asked about Bingham’s upcoming swim season, Millie Reich, Bingham senior and Varsity Captain, said, “I’m excited for it. I love everything about it.”

Make sure to support the Bingham swimmers this season at Marv Jensen as they break records, cheer on teammates, and work their way towards region.