Aubrey Tanner, Staff Writer

Bingham High Cheer squad is full of determination, power, and skill. The cheerleaders at Bingham High motivate the football, Volleyball and Basketball teams, the spectators and each other, and excel in their own events.

The cheer coach, Amber Thomas, said: “I think they’re (the team) very athletic and we work together well so I think it will be a good competition season for us.”

Thomas said “they do well at being consistent. When they’re performing they practice hard and usually perform well.” Their practice and hard work paid off on Saturday, December 2nd when both the JV and Varsity team taking 1st place at the USA Regional Competition.

The Bingham High Cheer Team has four head cheerleaders: Kimber Smith, Sierra Wettstein, Megan Peterson and Hannah Goff. “They all take on different leadership roles and They all make our team very cohesive and strong,” said Thomas.

Thomas said, “I feel that they’re grateful for the experience of representing Bingham High School.” The cheer team practices 7-10 hours a week and the work from the team and coach pays off. Cheer season is from December to February, Be sure to support and congratulate them on a job well done.

“There are always things we can improve on, I feel like every day you have to rework your goals and continue to have them improve their skills, as well as improving the school spirit at the school is one of our major goals, I feel like that is a thing we can always improve on,” said Thomas. The Bingham High Cheer team does a great job at improving the school spirit around the school. Much can be expected from them in competitions to come.