Photo by Daenth1

JP Wilson, Staff Writer

Wrestling is an incredibly difficult sport. It challenges the mind as well as the body. It pits one person against another. The only difference between the two contenders is which competitor worked harder, and that is almost always what decides the winner.

Wrestlers like Cole Moody and Mason Christiansen work every day of the year to become better than any opponent who they might go up against. Cole Moody is a senior and one of the best wrestlers at Bingham. He said that he has been wrestling since he was six or seven and what has made him so good is all of the extra work that he puts in outside of practice, on his own time. Mason Christiansen, a sophomore varsity wrestler at Bingham, said that as much as he likes football, wrestling is still better because he gets to control his own fate. His success is completely up to him.

This hard work and self-determination in what makes wrestling such an amazing sport. Bingham is one of the best and hardest working teams in Utah, so go to some of their meets. You will have a great time!