Bingham’s Hockey

Kylee Rasmussen, Sports Editor

While it might be pretty cold in the arena, Bingham Hockey games make up for the freezing temperatures with quick passes, speed skating, and an incredible fight to score against some of the best goalies in the state.

Playing three thirteen minute quarters with just a minute break in between each, the Bingham hockey players are incredible athletes. While hockey may just be a club sport here at Bingham, it doesn’t affect their driven attitude as they make their way to the playoffs. Through their incredible athleticism, Bingham Hockey is currently ranked third in their division and are well on their way to a state championship, with early morning practices and late night games.

                                                              Photo by Kylee Rasmussen

Since hockey is a club sport it’s generally more fun than competitive; games are late at night and most players have only been playing for a few years. Because of this, several team members describe the somewhat violent sport as “chill.” But according to forward wing Ku’uipo Fuller, the chill attitude fades and the motivation really kicks in as the team heads into playoffs.The Bingham Hockey team took fourth place last year in their state tournament and this year they are looking to get higher. Already tying 6-6 with their hardest opponent: Copper Hills, who is ranked as one in the division. The Miners rank third and have continued to win against tough teams.

One of the team’s biggest goals that will help them get to a state championship is to work cohesively as a team. Hockey is a very team-oriented sport; left wing Marcus Telford has been playing for ten years and explained the dynamic by saying, “It’s not like in basketball where there’s a breakaway and someone has the ball by themselves, it’s always everyone against everyone.”  While everyone is using the season to become a better player individually, they are also trying to bond as a team in order to guide the puck to the goal. The miner’s team bond can easily be seen while watching their games. The players work together so well they are able to pass within seconds, and it only takes a moment for them to clear the ice when the puck crosses the line.

                                                              Photo by Kylee Rasmussen

Even here in Utah, it’s difficult and expensive to get time at the ice rinks, so the Bingham team is up at six a.m. every Friday morning to practice for weekend games that start around 7:30 at the earliest. When asked whether this affects their playing, however, Fuller said, “the time doesn’t matter when they start playing saying, “Yeah we’re tired, but once we’re on the ice it just gives you energy.”

If the team can stay energized enough after a long day to check people into the ice, you can stay pumped enough to watch. There’s never a dull second at the hockey games; so bundle up and get out there to support your Bingham Hockey team as they head to playoffs this February and fight for the state championship!