Photo by U.S Air Force

Maddy Reagan, Staff Writer

Foam mats, sweat suits, championships and an intense brawl. For some, this only happens on WWE but for Bingham Wrestlers, they make this a reality.

On January 10, the Bingham Miners Varsity Team went against the Corner Canyon Chargers in a mid-season match. The Bingham Miners won 48 to 24, and 9 out of the 14 wrestlers won their matches.

Brevan Butterfield, a junior at Bingham High School and a Varsity Wrestler said that his key to success is his coaches he said, “my coaches motivate me to keep going.” Butterfield said that the wrestlers only work well as a team when everyone is involved and active, “Everyone has to work hard to win.” Every week the Bingham wrestling team drills and practices with each other in order to train for their matches.

Mr. Walker, the wrestling coach was very happy with the outcome of his wrestlers. He said, “we wrestled really good tonight. I feel good about it all.” Coach Walker was there rooting and encouraging his team with occasional pep talks and tips for the wrestlers. Even against a two-time state champion, the wrestlers put up a good fight. The way the Miners have been wrestling will lead them to the State Championship Match.

No matter if they win or lose the Bingham wrestlers are there rooting for each other and motivating each other through the matches. In an intense part of the match, the team and crowd stomp their feet in order to encourage the wrestler. One reason why Bingham succeeds so much is our sportsmanship: everyone is motivated to do well and that optimism is contagious. The wrestling team conveys that fierce drive and initiative to succeed and the initiative to help others to succeed.

The wrestlers are on their way to state, and ready to face whatever opponent is next. Good luck Bingham Wrestlers.