Jazz Fever


Photo by Landry Heaton

Maddy Reagan, Staff Writer

Ever since Gordon Hayward left the Utah Jazz, we all thought we were doomed.

I think we owe the Jazz an apology and realize that maybe we were wrong. The Jazz has been playing really well this season: the players who we have to appreciate for this successful season is Donovan Mitchell, Jae Crowder, and Quin Snyder. These two players and the coach have really helped the team and will hopefully continue to positively progress the team and continue to lead them to more wins.

Quin Snyder, the head coach has really helped the team and come up with new plays and keep his team humble. The Utah Jazz felt frustrated after losing a game to the Mavericks when they had an 11 game win streak. Even with the loss, Snyder insists on persevering and maintaining a positive outlook on the team’s potential. According to the NBA, Coach Snyder has been a positive impact on the team because of all his previous and successful coaching experience. Snyder has coached European Teams, The 76ers, Duke, Clippers, Toros, and the Los Angeles Lakers. Extensive basketball expertise from a trained basketball figure has been an extremely vital part of the Jazz’s success on the court.

Jae Crowder is a new addition to the Utah Jazz.According to the SLC Dunk Sports Newspaper, “Jae Crowder is fitting right in with the Utah Jazz. Since the trade to Utah,  Jae has been averaging 14 points, 4 rebounds, 1.4 assists and has provided some really solid play off the bench.” Fox13 said that Crowder has explained his gratefulness for his fans, which is further proven by sequential Jazz Ticket giveaways. He gave even courtside tickets for the parents of a young Jazz fan who had passed away earlier this year.

Another new addition to the team was Donovan Mitchell who was drafted earlier this season. According to the Deseret News, Mitchell has earned “Rookie of the Month” award for four months straight. Mitchell has been averaging 21.4 points per game and is the best performing new basketball player. Many have suspected that Mitchell has played basketball professionally before joining the jazz. Yet, this is simply a story of pure natural talent, and the Jazz is so happy that Mitchell is on their team.

After many sad losses and defeated fans and Jazz players, it’s fulfilling to see the Jazz succeed. The Jazz is improving every game. Although tickets are highly sought after. for, it’s worth the money to see the Jazz and watch their humble “small town comeback story.” We wish you a successful season and hope that your winning streak will continue.