Miners Take College

Emma Jones, Staff Writer & Social Media Manager

As the year comes to a close, our seniors are headed out into the world to create their future. Our Miners excel in many areas; science, math, performing arts, and, most well-known of all, sports. Bingham has seniors that are still pursuing their love and talent in sports after they graduate. We want to honor those students who have been accepted into college athletic programs.

It’s not an easy road to becoming a student-athlete. Nicole Wall, Bingham’s girl’s softball pitcher, knows that she is one of the lucky ones. “At a college level,” she says “Everyone is good. Competition is harder and better. You’re playing with the best of the best.” Wall has been scouted out since the end of last year. She signed on with SLCC in November. As a student-athlete, she will have a way to get through college and coaches to help her out. Wall says, “I just love softball. It teaches you to be more independent and it’s an opportunity to grow.” She hopes softball will take her into the next part of her life.

Dax Milne has played football since he was eight and always knew he wanted to play college ball. It was a dream come true for him to be accepted to  BYU as a wide receiver. He had been considered since February of 2017 when he attended a football came at the university. “BYU is pretty prestigious,” Milne says. “I’m looking forward to the games.”

Bingham has sixteen seniors that are continuing to press on in their sport next year in college. The universities that accepted them are all over the country, from as far away as Illinois to as close to home as UVU. If you want to see the full list of Bingham’s signed athletes, go to the Bingham High School website. Click on the Athletics tab and look up ‘NLI signing day 2018’.

It’s a proud day to be a Miner. We congratulate all of our athletes for the hard work they put in and everything they have accomplished. Thank you for being part of the Bingham legacy and giving us a reason to bleed blue. We wish them the best at college!




Nick Burdette- Yakima Valley CC

Carter Sofonia- University of Northern Colorado

Nick Stevens- Barstow College

Brandon Thomas- Yakima Valley CC


Kobi Matagi- Southern Utah University

Dax Milne- Brigham Young University

Brayden Cosper- Brigham Young University


Karley McClain- Southern Utah University


Bella Pirami- William Penn University

Baylie Saunders- Salt Lake Community College

Sarah Reddish- Utah State University Eastern

Sarah Duncan- Snow College

Danielle Orr- Utah Valley University


Sidnee Hogan- Western Nebraska CC

Brynn Roberts- Utah State University Eastern

Hanna Reid- Big Bend Community College

Nicole Wall- Salt Lake Community College

Kenadee Moore- Snow College

Jaydan Jensen- Lindenwood University- Belleville


Kendzee Cloward- Laramie County Community College