Year In Review

Kylee Rasmussen, Sports Editor

State Football

After spending a summer getting trash-talked by East High, the Bingham football team set the record straight in August crushing the Leopards 48-17. After battling pretty closely the first half the Miners held the Leopards to 17 throughout the entire second half, and by the end, the packed student section was yelling “Who runs the 6A? We run the 6A.”

The chant stayed through the entire season and was finally a fact when the team went against East in the State Championship. The game seemed off to a rough start with two Bingham turnovers and a Leopard touchdown within the first eight minutes of the first quarter but the miners quickly turned it around putting 31 points between themselves and East by the end of the game, winning their 500th game, 12th game of the season, 2nd straight state title and the 1st ever 6A Utah State Championship.

JV Basketball

Back in the winter months, the Junior Varsity Basketball team won all but two of their games in their season. The JV team had a difficult season moving into a new 6A classification, but they managed to win almost every one of their games, the most memorable being the one against Copper Hills.  By the second half of the Copper Hills game, things were not looking good for our Junior Varsity. But through the last half of the game, they were not only able to come back 23 points to tie the game, but tie it three more times in quadruple overtime and win by two points. “That was the craziest game I’ve ever been a part of…it was a lot of fun to have the student section and the band there at the end, it gave us the energy to finish it,” said JV and Varsity player Jacob Langston. The amazing season from the JV gives an optimistic outlook at the Varsity season for next year with all the players moving up for their senior year.


Besides looking good, doing flips and getting us hyped at football and basketball games, the Bingham High Cheer team dominated their season this year. After winning at nearly all of their competitions during the regular season both Junior Varsity and Varsity took first place at nationals in California. Cheerleader Logan Paterakis said that “the dedication the cheer team has in unmatchable…the work never stops but in the end it’s worth it.”


Bingham Girls Tennis season ended close to when the school year began. The girls spent the last part of their summer in tennis skirts winning matches against other 6A schools in the state and growing closer during the season. Jillian Jarvis, Bingham senior and member of the tennis team said, “We definitely got super close and supported each other every step of the way.” At the end of the season, Haley Haslam and Malia Hanses took third in state for the Bingham Miners!


Bingham’s Boys Gold (or Varsity) team went undefeated all the way through their 2018 season then took first place in the State Championship Tournament.