Boys Soccer


Photo by Taylor Davis

Aubrey Tanner, Staff Writer

The boys soccer team is very hard working in the way they practice and it pays off for the team.

The boys soccer team is full of talent. to even get on the team you have to be very skilled.  Aiden Holbrook, a sophomore at Bingham, and number 38 on Binghams JV soccer team said, “The team is actually a lot harder to get on then you’d think. There are about 120 boys who come and try out and only about 40 make it. To make the team you just have to have the talent and for soccer and the skills the coaches want. By now, everyone has their set skills already from playing on a competitive team. So practices are more like what the coaches want to see, rather than teaching us new skills” said Holbrook.

With all these soccer players coming together to play for Bingham high school teamwork is a very important quality to have during practice as well as on the playing field.

“You have to learn how to work well with other because with the club you all learn the same things but with high school, everyone is coming from different clubs and different coaches and you all have to combine into one,” said Hayden Howard a senior and number 24 on Bingham’s varsity soccer team. Teamwork is essential to most sports and the soccer team has great teamwork.

Although the soccer players already have much of the needed skills to thrive on the Bingham soccer team, practices are still important and still pay off. Practices help the team prepare for games.

According to Nathan Devenburg a senior at Bingham, and number 16 on Binghams Varsity soccer team, “We have a lot of different drills it just depends on what we do on the game if we’re lacking on midfield we’ll work on possession midfield drills it really just depends on what we need. Whatever you put into it is what you get out of it.”

The Bingham soccer team practices hard, and work well together. They try hard and are very skilled in the sport. The games are always filled with energy and excitement. Even if you don’t like soccer, the boys on the soccer team are cuties. So go support them and see their practice play out.