Pressure to Win


Photo by Marissa Jolley & Savanna Nielson

Mandy Jenkins, Photographer

TOUCHDOWN!!! Fans screaming. Cheerleaders waving their pom-poms. Chill, brisk air. Bingham has just won another football game.

Bingham athletes have a lot of pressure put on them. It is Bingham’s legacy to be the best. So when we lose, we can’t believe it. Every win we have adds to the pressure to win the next game. The fans, coaches, and players of Bingham High School expect to win.

Members of the lady miners’ soccer team Shelby Keating, Aysha Paine, and Maddie Richards, when asked why there was pressure they collectively said that because they play for Bingham and there is a stigma that we always win everything, it is more disappointing when they lose. They also said it helps our team to have a better attitude about practicing and improving.

Simote Pepa, a defensive lineman on our football team, said that “Bingham athletes have more pressure to win and be the best.”  Also he said, “If you aren’t loving the sport you are playing because of the pressure, then it has gone to far. If the pressure helps you grow, then it is a good pressure. Our coaches try to help use that pressure to motivate players to improve.”

We are Bingham and our cry is V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. We are a sport-focused school which means that there is more pressure on our athletes. So we have a lot of pressure on us to be the best. Luckily, we use this pressure to help us grow and develop. The athletes have gotten good at dealing with the pressure. If the pressure gets to them and they keep messing up, the coaches will take them out, and help them get back in the game. There will always be pressure on Bingham athletes, but when used correctly it can be a good thing.