Football Playoffs: Couldn’t Be Prouder

Alex C. Hickmon, Artist

The Bingham High football team is making another playoff appearance for the twentieth time in a row, looking to take the State Championship for the third time in a row.

The Bingham Varsity football team finished the regular season with an 8-1 record, and gained the title of 6A Region Champions after their win against American Fork. They are now back to the locker room to study their upcoming opponents and work out their game plan to once again appear at the State Championship.  Peyton Jones, the Varsity starting quarterback, says that Bingham is a “good team — there are a lot of good teams — but we feel we’re the best, and want to make it to the final.”

After the humbling loss to Lone Peak, the Miners have been working hard and see where they went wrong and where weaknesses and strengths lay within the team. Coach Lambourne says that they are looking to improve by eliminating mistakes. He believes one of the best things they did this year was, “Identifying resources, seeing what kid can do what.” The Miners feel that they are ready for the playoffs though. They’ve been known for not losing in the regular season and not letting anything stop them in the process; but the playoffs are something different. Lambourne describes why they have to be more determined and focused in the playoffs saying, “Playoffs: one loss and you’re done. It just has to be four weeks of grinding.”

The first round of the playoffs against Herriman on the twenty-sixth of October came out successful; Bingham defeated the Mustangs twenty to ten. The lopsided game began as a tough battle. But after the first half is when Bingham came out front. Herriman trailing. Hank Higham, the left tackle for Varsity, describes why their game was so successful, “When one man goes, the next comes up. Everyone that came before worked to be the best and gave opportunities to the next guys to be the best.” And the Miners are looking to capitalize on those opportunities.

After the homegame dub against Herriman, Bingham took their second at Kearns. Forty-six to zero. Lambourne says that they were “pretty much in charge for all the game.” In the fourth quarter of this blowout-game, the Bingham Miners put in their JV team to finish off the game. Isaiah Glasker, the JV defensive back, says the team’s mentality when they’re under the lights and on the field: “When we’re on the field, we’re in there like swimwear.”

The Semi-finals on the eighth of November were against American Fork. Lambourne’s strategic plan for the game is, “Just go win.” Nothing more, nothing less. They know they have to work hard, and they’re putting in the effort on the practice field. When the game came, Bingham put in their best. It was back and forth for most of the game. We showed fight and wouldn’t give up; The Miners forced the overtime after the fourth quarter. American Fork with the first possession drove down the field and scored to make the score 28-21. Bingham with the next possession got the ball to the opposing 23 yard line. Peyton Jones threw, looking to get to the end zone. Unfortunately the ball was intercepted by the Cavemen, giving the Semi-final win to American Fork. As the AF team rushed onto the field to celebrate, tears flowed on the Bingham sideline. As the American Fork fans screamed and cheered the always loyal fans of the Bingham Miners chanted, “We are the Miners, couldn’t be prouder, if you can’t hear us, yell a little louder.” Couldn’t be prouder.