Team Managers Behind the Scenes

Mandy Jenkins, Photographer

Team managers do so much for their team before, during, and after their season. They help the coaches with what they need. These few people are friends to their teammates and are there when they need them. Team managers are the people behind each great team.

Kalli Jenkins, one of the team managers for girls’ soccer, said, “… I do stats, tallies of shots, [I determine] who makes shots, fouls, offsides the whole game and try to keep the girls’ spirit up … I also do the scoreboard if it is a home game and help them warm up before each game.” Jenkins also said how team managers are a really important part because they help keep the team together and help things flow.

Kallie James, a player on the girls’ soccer team, said, “ They were at everything, they babysat so that the coaches could coach, they had team spirit, good morale, had everyone’s back, were good friends.” James said how her team’s playing was affected by her team managers and how team managers like hers are very important.

One of the girls’ tennis team managers, Austin Burton, said, “As a team manager, I go to every practice and every game, go get them water, do what the coach wants, play with them to give them more practice, and keep them laughing by messing around with them.”  Burton said he loved being a team manager and made many new friends from his experience.

Malia Hansen, a girls’ tennis team member, said that the team managers would get the players ice water and tennis balls for practice every day which helped things overall run more smoothly. Hansen said, “ Not only do they help things run smoothly but they encourage the team too!” Many athletes have agreed with Hansen on this. Team managers encourage the team and help the team run smoothly.

Bingham is known for its athletes but there are more people apart of is team than just the ones playing the sport.  People may not come to watch them, but team managers are still there, working behind the scenes.