The Off-season

Aubrie Hickmon, Editor-In-Chief

Bingham’s sports teams work hard during their seasons to try and be the best, but most teams actually work to improve during the offseason too.

For the teams of Bingham High School, it’s important to practice all year long. This way, they’re able to stay in-shape and work on chemistry for more time than just during the season, helping them to improve in more of an exponential way.

The girls basketball season starts up soon, and the team has been preparing since last season ended by working during 4th period, going to open gyms throughout the week, and playing in leagues outside of Bingham High School. According to senior Varsity point guard Maggie McCord, “It’s also required of us to put in the extra work outside of workouts together, so that we’ll be able to get a head start in the season and not have to work as much on the conditioning block when practices start.” By staying in shape throughout the year, once the season rolls around, the team is able to get to technical practice a lot quicker than they would otherwise. This gives them an advantage because the team already has a lot of experience playing together once games start up.

The softball team has been preparing for nearly as long, beginning training the first day of school. To these girls, team bonding and chemistry is one of the most important aspects of the game. According to junior Varsity player Aubree Hogan, “Many of us know each other from summer season, but we figure out how to work together in the off season to make sure we do our best for when season rolls around.” Just like with basketball, this early training is meant to help the girls learn to play well together before the games ever begin.

The Bingham Baseball team plays games and has practices nearly all year long, so they get constant opportunity to improve. According to senior Varsity catcher Max Tolley, they don’t play games in November or for half of December, and they get a few weeks off in August, but even during these times, the team has conditioning and weights during eighth period. The constant theme is that most teams at Bingham work all year to make sure they’re ready for a season that lasts only a few months.  However, not every team has this opportunity.

For boys soccer, things work a little differently. The team not only plays in the high school season, but also in club season. This means that they don’t start prepping for the regular season until mid-November after the club season ends. According to senior Varsity goalkeeper, Zach Rothey, “… open gym starts up about in January and then tryouts are at the end of February.” Similarly to baseball, playing in a season outside outside of the regular season gives still gives the team a valuable opportunity to improve throughout the year.

Even though these teams have different schedules and priorities, they all share one thing in common: they’re working hard all year to make sure they’re the best they can be.