Bingham Wrestling is Underappreciated


Photo by Aubrey Tanner

Aubrey Tanner, Art Editor

Salt Lake City’s 2030 Winter Olympic ProspectThere are challenges in every sport, and dedication demonstrated by athletes of every sport. Yet, Wrestling is one of the most challenging and least recognized sports here at Bingham. It is different than most other sports. Mr. Walker, the Wrestling coach at Bingham says “Wrestling makes kids look at themselves more introspectively; thats why its not like other sports.”

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, “few high school seasons deal with the mental and physical strain as much as wrestling. Not only do wrestling practices often push the grapplers to the point of pure exhaustion, but no other high school sport requires its participants to be at or under a certain weight in order to compete. (…)Empty stomachs, sore muscles and bruised egos are commonplace in the sport.”

Wrestling practices are pact with dedication and perseverance. Isaac Ngatuvai, a junior at bingham on the Varsity wrestling team says “Practices are pretty much the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We start with pretty intense warm up and then drilling, technique, our attack and defense, and then after we do intense conditioning. (…)” Practices are from 2:45 and end at around 5- 5:30 everyday.

Bingham High Wrestlers are filled with self motivation. “They have to push themselves. They have to be motivated because everything is on them.” says Walker. With all the practices, tournaments, weight watching and more, it’s is clear to see that these wrestlers are motivated when it comes to the sport.

The wrestling team is hardworking and dedicated. Even though they work hard and are intensely committed, dedicated and talented, the turn out to the matches isn’t great. “People don’t understand wrestling unless they watch it.” says Walker.  “The one thing I’d tell Bingham about wrestling is: come to the matches. Not many people come watch us,” says Ngatuvai. So get out to the matches, cheer on your fellow miners, learn about the sport, and watch hard work in action.