Super Bowl Picks

Alex C. Hickmon, Artist

This NFL season has been full of upsets and underdog teams coming out on top.

With the Los Angeles Rams having the current best record in the league and the Kansas City Chiefs dominating the AFC, the peoples’ main choice for the Super Bowl would seem obvious. Many are hopeful that their team will come out on top in the playoffs and make the surprise appearance at Super Bowl LIII.

The Rams haven’t appeared at the Super Bowl since 2002. The upset loss against the Patriots set the Rams in the drought. But in the 2017-2018 season the Rams finished with an 11-5 record and lost in the first round of the Playoffs. Statistically, this year they have the third best offence and arguably one of the best defenses in the best defenses. According to Alex Kolodziej, a sports expert for The Score, a sports review website, “What makes LA so intriguing heading forward over other Super Bowl hopefuls is the defense. The Rams should be getting some key bodies back from injury for the stretch run and are still dominant up front.” But the Rams have not won a Super Bowl since 2000, will this year be the end of the drought?

Another top pick for the NFC is the New Orleans Saints. They have been battling the Rams all year for the top spot in the NFC. Drew Brees has been grinding to push his team towards another Super Bowl ring for their finger. Where they lack in defense they make it up in the offensive state. New Orleans have not won a Super Bowl since 2010.

Many people’s obvious choice for the Super Bowl is the New England Patriots. They have made ten Super Bowl appearances. And have won five of those. They are are arguably one of the best teams on the NFL. But with so many other teams proving that they have a spot in the league and dominating the field, they aren’t the most talked about team in the NFL, they aren’t this year’s super team. They will most likely make it to the playoffs, but another Super Bowl? Unlikely.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are also heavily favored for Super Bowl LIII. Even though they have struggled in the regular season, they have still showed Super Bowl worthy qualities. In the week 13 game against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Steelers tore through the first half and had the lead. But then they didn’t polish it off and the Chargers came on top giving people a second thought about them appearing at the Super Bowl.

The struggle of this season is that a lot of teams haven’t established a firm spot in the league besides the apparent Rams and Chiefs. The fans’ choices are the Los Angeles Rams versus the Kansas City Chiefs, or the New England Patriots versus the New Orleans Saints. But with so many teams showing their skill and surprising us everyday we can’t be for sure. This upcoming February will hold Super Bowl LIII and most likely two teams that nobody expected to appear.