The Lady Miners of Bingham

Feyan Hoffman, Online Editor/Social Media Manager

The Lady Miners of Bingham’s girls basketball have kicked off the season, and they have a few goals in mind that will help them until the state championship in February.

Since the start of November, the girls basketball team has practiced every week from Monday through Saturday for at least two hours a day. Their first game was against Bingham alumni on November 20. The girls beat them 54 to 42, and this win prepared them for their game on November 27 against Hillcrest High School. There, they won 72 to 37. Two days later, they took their first loss against Timpview High School, a team that placed second at the State Championship last year. The score was 39 to 43.

Lady Miner, Maggie McCord said that the first week of December was one of the most important weeks of the season, during which they had back-to-back games on December 5 and 6. They went against their two main rivals, Copper Hills and Fremont, both of which defeated Bingham the previous season. They hoped to avenge themselves after such losses at the State Championship, but both opposing teams thwarted their plans. The Fremont Silver Wolves triumphed with 51 to 48. Copper Hills led by only two points in a score of 53 to 51.

One of the most fundamental components of a team is close mutual support. Understanding each other beyond a teammate level allows the team as a whole to develop synergy, the combined power of everyone rather than just individual efforts. Team manager and junior Jami Neiswender said they have a good shot at winning state since this season’s players are very good. Last year, when The Prospector interviewed McCord, she said that team chemistry was all thanks to off-the-court friendships. This year she says that this sentiment hasn’t changed. They continue to hang out with each other on and off the court, have positive attitudes towards one another, and don’t have any drama with anyone on the team. The team is similar to last year’s in that not as many people left, but McCord thinks this season is completely different. “We’re using more people from the bench, and they’re standing out more than they did last year. It really impacts the whole team as one because we’re able to showcase every little thing that we didn’t last year,” she says.

Another fundamental component of any sports team is coaching, a staff in which aids a team by helping them recognize their full potential. McCord said about head coach, Charron Mason, “She has such an impact. She’s not only our coach but our role model—we look up to her in many ways. We trust her process along with the rest of the coaches. We know that what she has in store is the best for us.”

As for expectation, the Lady Miners have both individual and team goals that they discuss every game, but their main objective is to win state and region. They’re thriving to become the best defensive team in the state.