Bingham Cheer

Aubrey Tanner, Op/Ed Editor

The cheer team at Bingham works hard at their own events, motivates many of the other teams at Bingham, and looks fabulous while doing it.

The Bingham Cheer team represents the school and excel in what they do. “Cheerleading isn’t just standing around waving pom poms in the air. It involves skill and strength and it’s hard and dangerous…” says Bailee Bullock, a sophomore varsity cheerleader at Bingham.

The cheerleaders have worked hard through practices to get where they are, too. Bullock says “[Practices] are good! Some can be super hard and frustrating, and others go smooth and easy.”

The hard work at practice doesn’t go to waste though. Morgan Marsh, a junior and varsity cheerleader says, “the cheer season is going amazing for me, and for Bingham overall. We have been practicing really hard to do good and we feel like its been paying off.” Bingham’s cheerleaders are tough and determined to do an outstanding job in what they do.

So far, the Bingham High Cheer Team has taken first in all of their competitions. Marsh says, “Bingham can expect nothing but hard work and determination from us cheerleaders this season. We have worked so hard to get here and we aren’t afraid to show it.”

Bullock says, “since we are Bingham, [cheer] can get super competitive. But I love cheering on the football and basketball teams and competing against cheer teams form other schools.”

“We work much harder than it looks. We aren’t just used for cheering on the sidelines… Cheer isn’t just yelling and cheering, it’s also a very competitive sport, and it’s not an easy sport either,” says Marsh.

The cheer team has to work together in order to succeed. Marsh says, “it can be hard to work together as a team when you first make the team, as you might not know everyone very much. But as the season goes on, you get to know everyone and become closer which makes it easier to work together,” says Marsh.

The cheer team has been working and dreaming of what they’re doing now. They are determined in the sport. “It is such a privilege, cheering for Bingham. I dreamed of it when I was little and now I’m living that dream,” says Marsh

The cheer team is dedicated in all aspects of the sport. So come support your Bingham cheer team. Marsh says, “Bingham could better support the cheerleaders by showing up to more of our events.”

Come to the cheer events and show Bingham’s cheerleaders how much we appreciate them for working hard and representing the school in an amazing way. The cheer team works hard in practice, and is ready to do whatever it takes to win and represent the school.